Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blog post 9

What Ive Learned this Year- Mr. McClung
Wow, Mr. McClung's blog post was really great. All the advice he wrote about knowing your student, helping them when they fail, being there to pick them up. He said that it is not about you, the teacher, it is about the teacher and students together. And the part about a lesson going completely different than as planned. He said the most important thing is listening to your students; so many teacher don't do that anymore. I really enjoyed reading this blog, it was like it took a load off of my shoulders or something; I now feel so much better about my future career!

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  1. Rachael,
    good start, but what do you feel about the points he made? What were the points her made about teachers? We need to see this so that we can get a feel for the post as if we have never read it before.
    Amberly Elmore