Sunday, April 10, 2011

blog post 11

First Graders in Mrs. Cassidy's Class

It is amazing to see first graders doing what some of us are just learning in this class. It is pretty cool to be in first grade and have people from all over the world reading the blog of your work. I love the fact that Mrs. Cassidy basically built her class from scratch. Having a technology based class is so nice, kids being able to interact with their schoolwork through the computer, playing a DS to learn, Skypeing with people from different countries. Wow! I love the fact that parents can see their child's progress online. I will defiantly be using blogging and Wikis in my classroom. I cant believe Mrs. Cassidy is the only one at her school doing this. If I was her co- worker, I would be right up there with her.


  1. Ms. Cassidy's teaching technique shows us so much about how important it is for kids to be able to reflect, create, and produce. She helps her students make connection that many other kids don't make about how connected we all are in this world by sharing things like their alphabet discoveries. By letting them see that their sources of entertainment (tv, video games, computers) can be used for tools as well. Whether they remember how to blog, tweet, or text is almost irrelevant. What really matters is that they see that their work matters, that work can feel like play, and that other people are affected by what you produce. Aren't those lessons that every parent would love for their child to learn along their academic journey?

  2. I especially like your last line... I hope it's true!