Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog post 12

Watch the video below- Technology in Special Education. Write 1 or more paragraphs telling how you think technology has helped in Special Education.

In this video, Lacey Cook teaches in a Special Ed classroom. She tells how technology has helped her students very much, whether its to communicate, read, or help with writing assignments. For instance, I'm sure that Corbin did not like being pulled out of class to sit in the hallway just to have somebody read to him, his iPod now lets him listen to audio books so that he can stay in class. It was very difficult to have Kris point to letters on a chart, but now that he has a laptop he can type and it will talk for him. Sherae does not have difficultly pointing to letter on a chart, but that takes time, it is so much faster to type on a computer. The last guy(does not say his name) has trouble seeing small print and it takes him a long time to write, his laptop helps him finish his assignments in half the time it would take him to write. His computer also has a programs that magnifies what he is reading. Technology provides Special needs students to become more independent in their work, and it also helps keep the classroom more exciting!

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  1. Hey Rachael! This post is great; I think it's phenominal that these students are using things such as ZuneTec; not even I know how to use that yet! Technology definitely aids in the learning of Special Education students, just like it does with any other student. Put quite simply, technology hels anyone and everyone, if we are willing to embrace it, which these students have done admirably. Great post!